Pink roses

Pink rambling roses
Anne Boleyn rose
Pink roses


What is it about pink roses? They’re such cheerful flowers – although their thorns have often reminded me that they’re not to be taken lightly by catching hold of my arms and clothing.

After just a few years of taking photographs, I have so many pictures of roses that it’s hard to pick which ones to share. In the end, I simply went with three of my favourites: the first is a rambler rose; the other two are shrub roses.

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  1. What stunning roses… but best yet… what beautiful captures of them. Oh how these roses make my heart smile! ❤

    1. I imagine I’ve got mainly bluebells at home at the moment.The top one I took in England several years ago n summer (it’s a rambler growing on the wall of David Austin’s private garden and one of my favourite shots). The second was also taken in England – it’s the only one where I’m sure of the name (Rosa ‘Anne Boleyn’). The last one is a shrub rose that’s flowering in Mississippi now. I’ve been taking more pictures of roses this morning – just in time as the first flush of some varieties is already over!

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