Weekly photo challenge: afloat

Afloat with writing desk

I love street art, but this seemed to be sent today as a gift. I’ve been travelling, irking my companions, no doubt (though they were too polite to say) as I was looking for an unusual subject to illustrate ‘afloat’ for this week’s photo challenge.

I had turned down several opportunities that had helpfully been pointed out – to float a leaf or a flower in a birdbath; to capture wisteria in full bloom, kind of floating over an arbour; and had just turned my nose up at a decidedly grounded, rustic boat: I wanted something different.

Yellow mural

So I could hardly believe my eyes when we turned the corner and I realised what I was standing before. Is it just me, or do most of these characters seem to be floating on thin air?

Blue mural

Later in the day, I learned more from a craftsperson at the garden fair we were attending. He told me the long mural had been created by Art Students at New Albany High School, Mississippi in 2005.

StreetcarThere had recently been some talk of painting over it all, but I was very glad such a quirky design had so far been spared. It made an ordinary street special, more fun.

Afloat with dawg

The bland is never far away, but this had made me think and put a big smile on my face.

I’d been delighted to come across something local, hand painted, charming and original for my theme. What luck!


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  1. The photos are really great. 🙂 Good job.
    I admire your resolve to look for a new object for the theme. I just used an old photo, made from a boat, and about island. So not creative… but full of memories for me. 🙂

    1. I often post pictures from my photo library too – I love the way the weekly challenge gives us a reason to share them. I just didn’t have one this time. I enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for stopping by.

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