Sneak peek into a garden folly

Garden mirror

I couldn’t resist giving you a sneak peek into this garden folly in a corner of the treasure trove private garden of influential landscape architect, Rick Griffin and his wife Shirley. If you have time to explore this picture, you’ll find many lovingly chosen details.

My eye was drawn by the natural effect of the tree trunks, still with signs of the branches, providing support for the oversized mirror that appears to extend the garden; the decorative hand-made birdhouses; the creeping moss that transforms the brick path into a living carpet; the ornate garden chairs painted in such an easy-to-place colour around the blue fire pit.

You might just make out the windmill palm in flower and the neat vertical lines of the unusual, pencil style Yaupon ‘Will Fleming’.

This is a relaxed, natural place for living, loving, creating and sharing. Enough for now, but I promise to post more shots later. I hope this style of gardening speaks to you, even if your own personal style is very different.


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  1. that’s a lovely picture of a lovely place!

    (you may want to go back and edit the word trucks – smile)

  2. Susan, so happy that we met! Your blog is just beautiful and reading your words, I’m hearing them as you speak in your sweet English accent. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Tell me you didn’t take all of these with your phone? You really have a wonderful way with your camera and taking pics of flowers. Just beautiful! So happy I got to spend a day and 1/2 with you and Felder, it was so fun! Hope to see you both again. xoxo

    1. Me too! Thanks for your encouraging words – I really appreciate them. Increasingly I use my iPhone as it’s light and handy, though you’ll sometimes see a rather battered Canon G11 swinging on my shoulder too. It was a real pleasure to travel with you. Your eye for style – for eateries, home making and fashion – helped make this fun trip even more memorable. Hope we’ll all meet up somewhere else soon – though it will be hard to top Austin! x

  3. It’s like my idea of a ‘secret garden’. It’s beautiful. Love the foliage backdrop which encloses it.

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