A living window frame

Plant trained round a window

Isn’t it amazing what man and nature can achieve, hand in hand, when they try?

You wouldn’t think this climber would grow at at all, planted so close to the wall of a classic, sandstone terraced cottage, let alone form a wonderful living window frame. We found it in The Cotswolds, on our way to Hidcote Gardens. 

I’m sharing it in the weekly photo challenge as a different interpretation on this week’s theme ‘wall’. My first submission is quite a contrast.

I’m not sure which picture suits the brief best. Do you prefer the subtle tones of nature or the colourful ones of art?

For those (like me) who love both, I’m adding a second picture, of Rosa ‘Golden Celebration’ growing in a tiny cottage garden just around the corner:

Golden Celebration rose



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  1. I don’t think I’d have thought of pairing them if they hadn’t been round the corner from each other, but the excesses of one are a good counterpart to the other.

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