14 Replies to “Comfrey: cottage garden herb”

  1. Beautiful photo. Do you have it in your garden and do you use comfrey in herbal recipes or just as a pretty looking herb.

  2. Beautiful. I grow herbs for the colors, this reminds me of borage blue. Wish I knew more about using them. Do you use herbs in your cooking? I held a class once on Tussy Mussy’s and learned they all had a meaning. I was more surprised as to why Victorian women carried them.

    1. I do use herbs for cooking though I’m not a great cook. A few years ago, I had the chance to go to The Herb Society of America’s Annual Herbal Forum, which I really enjoyed. The speakers made up limericks to celebrate the Umbel family – there were some surprisingly good ones! Herbs are so versatile – I can’t imagine a cottage garden without them.

  3. Lovely photo of the flowers. Great backlighting behind the leaves. Comfrey is a good mulch in the garden and herbally it is known as the bone-knitter, so best used in poultices for contusions. Although some older home remedy texts do suggest teas can been made from it for digestion, scientific evidence does suggest it is best not to use it internally.

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