25 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: depth”

  1. The Grand Canyon most certainly qualifies as depth! When I was there I sat down and took a photo of my feet dangling over the edge… it was certainly terrifying and I got a few strange looks, worth it though 🙂

  2. What a terrific photo. This bird looks a tad different than the Eastern bluebird that we have in SC, must be a western cousin. I’ve seen a male bluebird twice today. Perhaps the bright sunshine has him thinking about spring.

    1. Thanks – I’ve never seen anything like it at home. And you’re right, the fact that your bluebird is getting out and about surely means that Spring’s not too far away. When I see them chirping excitedly at this time of year, I always think of Chaucer’s ‘Parliament of Fowls’ where the birds meet and make a huge noise in Nature’s bower ‘For this was on St Valentine’s Day / When every fowl cometh there to choose his mate’).

      I’m not sure courtship is uppermost in our birds thoughts yet – it’s decidedly wintry.

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