25 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: depth”

  1. Wow. Your photography is stunning. Loved the GC when I visited, Wish I had seen a bluebird, thank you for that. And finding great inspiration in what you do. Fantastic:)

  2. this shot of urs here Is a blue jay ;;;; them & magpies are all over the southwest 🙂 very kewl shot…
    i fly like a bird but they wont let me fly down into the grand canyon …. lol..
    oh well, yeahs ago we used to get to fly through the grand the in any ol small plane er what not but not allowed anymore ,,,i don’t believe anyhew… awesome photo here of urs 🙂 very kewl 🙂

  3. Really great capture of the bird. I can feel the birds feeling when looking out over the canyon.

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