A celebration of our gardening differences

Cactus nursery

We went to a meeting of the cactus society recently. My sweetheart wanted to find out more about succulents that survive outside in cold, wet climates, such as here in the North of England. Though we met some lovely, welcoming people, I couldn’t help observing that the presentation featured a lot of remarkably similar small, green spiky things.

So why am I posting this picture, taken earlier this year at a cactus nursery – Cactus King – in Texas? It’s to celebrate differences between gardeners, and our wild enthusiasms for particular genres of plants that others frankly find just okay. I might not be in any danger of going wild over cacti myself, but it wouldn’t do for us to be all the same, would it? 

When I’m tempted to share too many pictures of roses, I might cast my mind back to the cactus society and think: perhaps I’d better not!

I’m also sharing a picture of one of the many one-off pieces of garden art I found there. There was a saguaro-shaped bottle tree too!

Garden Art at a cactus nursery

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  1. Hi Susan, I have a test blog set up to try to work with edin. I think it would suit my blog as I have lots of pictures to share. I am beginning to think it is beyond me. Did you design your blog yourself? I could use some guidance if you have the time.

    Loved the garden seat btw


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    1. I’ve belonged to a couple of UK plant societies in the past, but never been to a meeting before. The Cottage Garden Society and the Primula and Auricula Society spring to mind. I was attracted by the offer of seeds and magazines! I once went to a big herb convention in Texas and those people seemed pretty grounded.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy our differences in theory and in practice, though there’s always going to be a few head-in-hands moments along the way!

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