Today’s Blogging 101 assignment: who I am and why I’m here.

We are born to have different ideas, dreams, strengths and opinions and it’s only natural to want to share some of them. That’s why I’m here on WordPress. My blog’s all about creativity, which I define very broadly. So far I’ve written about:

  • Gardening – especially flowering plants, visits to gardens, nature
  • Photography including some tips you might not read elsewhere
  • Writing – navigating the minefields of apostrophes, reading poetry
  • Marketing, blogging
  • Design, colour trends, my trip to a crafts fair, floristry
  • Travel – characterful places, working internationally
  • Perspectives or opinions

I’m posting a mix of deeper, article-length pieces and shorter snippets, with pictures and photo galleries. At times, I imagine I’ll be fairly prolific, and I don’t seriously expect other people to read all I write. So feel free to dip in and dip out – you can expect me to do the same when I visit your site.

Michelle W. wrote in today’s assignment that ‘one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they evolve as we learn and interact with one another’. It made me realise I want to create a blog that’s living and changing.

One that’s not mine alone, but is partly ‘owned’ by people who are kind enough to engage with it, by looking at the pictures, reading it, or taking time to leave a comment. Whether you’re just passing by or decide to follow along, you’ve very welcome to my online home.

Who do I want to connect with?

People who inspire, amuse, encourage or educate me. Thoughtful, warm, engaging, open-minded people. Ones who have views and aren’t afraid to express and explore them.

Well over half my posts so far are related to photography, and a similar amount to gardening. Statisticians will correctly conclude that many of my pictures are of flowers or gardens! I wish I could illustrate my posts too, but drawing – like whistling and reverse-parking – is sadly not a strength. I love the work of other creatives and follow quite a few.

I’ve already met some gardeners and writers who regularly share thoughts and ideas I can relate to and respect. And some frankly wonderful photographers, who offer me glimpses into another place and time, give me something to aspire to, and generously share technical advice.

Why am I taking part in Blogging 101?

I appreciate the chance to learn, practice, experiment and get feedback from other bloggers. I imagine I’ll find many more people I have a natural, easy connection with.

And I’m hoping this course will give me a reason to focus on the things I left for ‘later’ in order to make a start. I’m very aware that I’ve simply made a gesture towards some important blogging essentials such as my Gravatar and home page: these sorely need more thought and experimentation. I love using my current theme for blog posts, but sometimes I feel like I’m fighting it to set up the pages. Fingers crossed, I’ll find at least some of the answers in the next few weeks.

Who am I?

I’ve already written an About page and several personal posts. I love feedback, so please feel free to tell me what you think!

Now my first assignment’s done, I’m off to read as many as I can of other people’s introductions over in the Blogging 101 Commons – see you there, classmates!

13 Replies to “Today’s Blogging 101 assignment: who I am and why I’m here.”

  1. I am enjoying exploring your blog and gardening tips so I need help in that area, well several areas actually lol x

  2. I really love everything that you wrote here. Your list of interests is captivating and I share your passion for many of them. I’m really looking forward to my look around now.

  3. Like your garden, your blog will grow over time. Surprising new things will sprout up here and there, and you’ll go through seasons as you find your way. It’s a wonderful growing experience.

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