Thinking of taking a Blogging101 course? Here’s my review.

Over the last four weeks, I’ve been through the Blogging101 experience. I’ve had the odd high and low, but overall it’s been brilliant. I’m sending my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to my classmates and the WordPress team. This review is for bloggers who feel tempted to register for the course and those who’ve been taking part themselves.

First, here’s a link to the official BloggingU information – read on for my inside, but unofficial view!  Continue reading “Thinking of taking a Blogging101 course? Here’s my review.”

Poetry and design: how constraints can help us

Online friends may have noticed I’m taking part in Blogging 101. One task has been perplexing me, as I seemed to have so many constraints to overcome. Today I’ve been thinking of William Shakespeare and his sonnets – my benchmark comparison when creative constraints appear particularly challenging. It can’t be as hard as a sonnet, right?

Perhaps, in some peculiar way, constraints can help us to get something more right creatively, provided we actively embrace them.  Continue reading “Poetry and design: how constraints can help us”

Blogging101: ideas, fun and a few minor frustrations

For today’s Blogging101 task we needed to think about changing our name and tagline, but I’m writing under my own name for pretty much the first time ever and am happy with that decision. And my tagline: ‘gardening, roses, photos, creative’ could be much better, but at least it gives people some kind of handle on the type of subjects I write about.

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