Peonies at Arley Hall

White peony with golden stamens in a flower garden
Semi-double white peony with irises and forget-me-nots

Peonies are some of my favourite cottage garden plants. It was a pleasure to be able to catch Arley Hall’s collection of plants in flower in the twin borders of the kitchen garden during early to mid June.

Picture of a pink peony with golden stamens
Pink peony with flowers that pale as the bloom ages

Picture of peonies in an early summer flower borders
Peonies with irises and violets in early summer flower borders beside the glasshouse
Picture of double pink peonies
A pink peony with heavy, nodding, double blooms
Picture of a red peony in an early summer border
Red peony in an early summer border
Picture of a cream peony
A double cream peony with red stamens and red tinged buds
Picture of a cream shrub peony
Shrub peony with clusters of cream blooms held on strong stems
Picture of pink peonies with golden stamens
Pink peonies with golden stamens
Picture of a pink peony close up
Sunlight lights up a peony’s petals
Picture of a bright, lipstick pink peony
Bright, lipstick pink peony
Picture of bright pink peonies in the kitchen garden
Peonies across from the raised vegetable beds
Picture of peonies and irises at Arley Hall
Pink and cream peonies and purple and white irises with Arley’s decorative, wire gazebo

If you love gardening, I’d encourage you to call in to visit the beautiful Arley Hall and Gardens in the North West of England for some peace and inspiration. It’s beautifully tended and planted, so you’ll find something of interest throughout the seasons.

2 Replies to “Peonies at Arley Hall”

  1. Beautiful peonies in perfect dull English light. If you like peonies you might like my posts about the peony farm near where I live where there are thousands of peonies!

    1. Thanks Christina – your comment made me smile. I actually thought it was a bright summer’s day, but that’s the English for you!

      You have such beautiful light in your part of the world – it’s just amazing at dusk and dawn, so I can quite understand where you’re coming from. I don’t think I’ve ever strayed over as far as Lazio, but I love Tuscany. I’ll check out your post on the farm.

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