Gallery Of Images From The Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

Welcome sign with scarecrows and bunting

Kettlewell villagers organised their first scarecrow festival in 1994 and it has continued as an annual fundraising event ever since, becoming more expansive as each year passes. You don’t have to be particularly perceptive to see how it has helped today’s community make links, attract newcomers and prosper.

The Scarecrow Festival is all the nicer for being in a scenic village of traditional stone-built homes. The church still has the font from the original Norman church, dating back to around 1120, and the tower of the Georgian one that followed it. There’s an Arts and Crafts layer too: I was intrigued to see William Morris’s name in one of the beautiful stained glass windows and later discovered I missed finding a Thompson mouse, and the beaver of one of his protégés, Colin Almack. One for next time! Continue reading “Gallery Of Images From The Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival”

Creepy scarecrow

Creepy scarecrow

It’s hard to say who was the most creeped out – the scarecrow (after all, he’s chained to a post, so he can’t run away) or me when we suddenly found ourselves face to face. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions based only on appearances – he may be a jolly nice chap who just happens to look like a killer zombie.  Continue reading “Creepy scarecrow”