Southport’s Summer Flower Show is Back at Last

Dahlias displayed as cupcakes at the Southport Flower Show
Dahlias displayed as cupcakes by The Dahlia Society’s Northern Committee

After a two-year hiatus, courtesy of the pandemic, the Southport Flower Show was back in style for its 91st year.  This northern show has something for everyone – even well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome. For those who couldn’t make it, here are some of my pictures:

Burgundy and silver leaf begonia leaves, Dibleys Nurseries stand, Southport
Dibleys Nurseries’ display of begonias with burgundy and silver leaves

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Pink Hollyhock-style Flowers on a Shrubby Plant

Malva × clementii 'Rosea'

I wanted to title my post the botanical name for this spectacular plant, which is widely grown locally, but have abandoned my efforts after some research. An explanation would run into several hundred words, would clarify little to nothing and be tedious, so I’ve spared you that. The folk name, tree mallow, is used for several species too. Continue reading “Pink Hollyhock-style Flowers on a Shrubby Plant”