Cross-section of Mature Tree Showing Heartwood

Cross section of mature tree showing heartwood

Several people have reached out to find out why I’m quiet online – thanks so much for that. We are fine, but I’m in picture-gathering mode than writing and reading. We recently parted company with our internet provider after many days without service, and are waiting for the new service to be connected in a week or so. (Fingers crossed!)

The wonderfully shaped and richly coloured heartwood is from a stock of timber prepared for use by a woodcrafting company. It is not often we get to see what’s inside the trees around us.

I was not sure which shot I liked best so am including both. I’m saving pictures of wooden bears and other curiosities that had been made for a future post.

Cross section of mature tree showing heartwood

I have missed keeping up with my online buddies and there have been several events I have wanted to share and mark. The most significant was our visit to Rolling Fork less than a fortnight before the tornado completely wiped out the small town – shocking to hear about, let alone experience. Some of the people affected had relocated to Rolling Fork from the site of an earlier tornado.

Our thoughts have been very much with the warm and welcoming people we met during our visit who unexpectedly have a huge task of rebuilding their community and supporting those who tragically lost their homes, businesses and far more than that.

A small leak in our roof, in the scale of things, is something to be very grateful for. As my sweetheart often says, “Hug your loved ones while you can”.

19 Replies to “Cross-section of Mature Tree Showing Heartwood”

  1. The cross-section is jarringly bloody-looking, but both are beautiful photos. Craftsmen who create with wood must be constantly amazed by it. A leaky roof is no blessing, but I’m happy to know the horrible weather has brought nothing worse to you. So many have lost so much.

  2. What an attractive and rather interesting cross-section.

    I’ve got a good wireless service provider, but I have had to reduce my online presence on WordPress due to constant requests to log on. Sometimes 2 login & password screens to go through to LIKE or COMMENT on a fellow blogger’s site. Other blogs I follow let me like or comment straight away. Beats me how this blogging platform works these days. I’m not willing to pay for specific plugins either. Must be something to do with the Theme or Template we use??? I also can’t place a Categories widget on the sidebar without paying $300+ p.a. for a premium Wordpres site. In frustration last night, I deleted my whole history on my iMac. Now, this morning, I have to re-login to every site or website membership that I have. Sigh.

    I still read all your posts, Susan, and thoroughly enjoy every one.

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