A Snowy Darwen Moor

Snowy path from Darwen Tower
Snowy path down from Darwen Tower

Following up my frosty rose pictures, I thought you might like to enjoy Darwen Moor in the snow vicariously without freezing your fingers or nose.

Winter sunset: view from a snowy Darwen Moor
Winter sunset
Cyclist looks towards Darwen tower in winter
Cyclist taking a breather
Young Birch trees in snow
Young birch trees in the snow

I’ll leave you with an icy curiosity. I’m not sure what the appropriate term would be – ice beads or bubbles or pearls? Take your pick!

Ice bubbles
Ice beads, bubbles or pearls

61 Replies to “A Snowy Darwen Moor”

  1. There is something to be said for a vicarious walk on a snowy moor. I get all the beauty but none of the shivers. What an extraordinary blend of soft color — the sky and snow seem to emerge from the same palette. I especially love the capture of the cyclist, with the sun on one side and the shade on the other. That must be a wonderful place to walk and think.

    1. And not having the risk of twisting an ankle, which is real. Funnily, if you have a topic planned to think of, it never works out. I just think about what I see. The cyclist was on a path, although it hardly seems so.

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