LAPC #226: Gallery of Textures

Feather on a stalk of grass
Feather on a stalk of grass
Lichens on driftwood
Lichens on driftwood

Fossils and lichens on a coastal wall
Fossils and lichens on a coastal wall
Wall display, World of Glass, St Helens
Display at the World of Glass, St Helens
Fluffy clematis seed heads
Clematis seed heads
Fungus on a tree
Fungus growing all the way up part of a tree
White peony
Feeder with heart roof
Feeder or insect hotel?
Inside the cactus House, University Botanic Garden, Amsterdam
Cactus House, University Botanic Garden, Amsterdam
Corner of a textural courtyard garden with ferns and tiarella
Textural courtyard garden with ferns
Colourful peeling layers of paint
Top of a metal mushroom with peeling paint layers
Drainpipe with layers of paint
Drainpipe in Southport with peeling paint
Grasses, mosses and heather
Grasses, mosses and heather

For HeyJude’s LAPC Challenge: Textures.

45 Replies to “LAPC #226: Gallery of Textures”

  1. Fabulous! That feather on the stalk is especially eye-catching. I also really like the top of the metal mushroom. For some reason it reminds me of the world.

    1. Great topic, Jude. I was so pleased when I saw you would be hosting. I was thinking as I collected these that texture is almost the mark of any decent picture.

  2. An awesome and thorough collection of visualizing texture. The close up of the clematis looks like sea anemones. I love the heart “hotel” and the peeling paint.

  3. I had a totally irrational urge to touch everything! The peony was a gasp for the sudden bright beauty of it, but my favorite for spending time on was the lichens on driftwood, which I found very soothing.

    1. That was really remarkable. I admired it in a garden in Florida. I liked the contrast with the one below it, which is from Llandudno in Wales. Although I can see if they just come across as being largely the same, they are quite different for those of us who linger and their textures are different – the washed wood, open and yielding, almost like loofah; the rock, solid and ancient, although you feel you could just pick the fossils out if you were minded to.

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