Odds and Ends for SquareOdds

The Griffin Pub, Bolton with strictly no riff raff sign
Strictly no riff raff

Mermaid Xing
Mermaid crossing sign
When the levee breaks - rooftop fishing
When the levee breaks – rooftop fishing
Dead End and Passover Ln sign by Key West Cemetery
Street sign on the edge of Key West Cemetery

Inspired by Becky’s SquareOdds which is running throughout February. The mermaid seems a little out of place, not being as edgy as the others, but I dare say mermaids are used to that.

33 Replies to “Odds and Ends for SquareOdds”

  1. oh wow what superb signs. Love that you have these all in your collection, and that we are now being treated to them all. All made me smile 🙂

    1. You’d expect I’d have files full of odd things, but the trouble is considering them odd. It appears I have a broad tolerances for oddnesses!

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