Where Was I?

Juliet Forrest Glass Flower Garden Ornaments
Juliet Forrest Glass Flowers

It’s the season for quizzes. Half of these pictures were taken in Mississippi and half in England.  Can you guess which is which?

Lawn ornaments - gnomes, tambourine player and mushrooms
Lawn ornaments
Bejewelled plastic pink flamingo
Bejewelled pink flamingo
Alleyway garden with mantelpiece and chair planter
Mantelpiece garden
Christmas cookie designs
Christmas treats
Flamingo wearing green bow and Santa hat
Flamingo Santa

I’m not sure if a clue would be warranted but for now, I’ll just say that what might seem like a clue isn’t one.

To meet HeyJude’s request that we celebrate colour in December.

45 Replies to “Where Was I?”

  1. There is no way I’d venture a guess because I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I think you have featured many a nonconformist gardener, none of whom would look like where they’re from. No matter where, I covet those glass flowers almost as much as I covet those cookies. And I have to say that that flamingo in the Santa hat is one of the goofiest-looking things I’ve ever seen — it gave me the giggles (most unseemly).

  2. Lovely colourful photos, Susan. Every one of them very eye catching. I really am not sure where these photos are taken, but I am guessing you had a good time taking them. Those Christmas treats look delicious. Hope you enjoyed some. I discovered your blog from Jo’s blog, and you really have lovely photos.

    1. I thought that was taken in Darwen at first glance… only teasing. It could only be Austin, couldn’t it? You are correct about the flamingos. They are too closely associated with warm climates to have caught on here.

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