Street Art For Three Photography Challenges

Tiger tyre planter with strawberry plant

There are so many fun challenges at the moment that we bloggers are spoilt for choice. I used to go by the rule one post, one challenge, but the times they are a-changin’ and I’m going to follow the trend by hopping on several. First, I’m sharing two kinda cuties for Becky’s PastSquares – a tiger tyre planter with strawberries from Darwen and a robin from Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Robin, street art by Jim Vision, Manchester

The robin is a cheery detail from a woodland fantasy by Jim Vision that covers a gable end. If you’re curious to see the whole design, Eunice posted several pictures towards the end of this post.

Shrewsbury street art

This seascape is also part of a larger project, this time by Gary Drew for Seven Social in Shrewsbury. Again I’ve picked the cheeriest part, although focusing on orange may steer that way. Is that a sun smiling or a duck or one of many cartoon characters that have passed me by?

String puppet painted on an orange door in Prague

The marionette painted on a door in Prague seems cheery too, though in a slightly creepy way, especially when you imagine the door closing behind you. Are you getting the impression that I read too many stories as a child?

Innovate street art, St Louis

Some readers will have guessed that the colour orange threading through my motley selection meets HeyJude’s Life In Colour challenge…

Dinosaurs, spacemen and planets on a street library

or that the final slice of inspiration is the Photographing public art challenge hosted by Marsha and Cee. By coincidence, Marsha is sharing dinosaurs this week too.

Colourful signs to cities with distances on a post

I’m signing off with a pole packed with city signs plus distances. These make me smile and set me off dreaming so I’m sure Jude will forgive the ‘orange’ being decidedly red. I shared another sign post (or should that be signs post?) from a colourful and quirky private garden a few years ago.

I always wonder if the distances and directions indicated are strictly correct or if some artistic license is assumed. If they are accurate, someone might be able to work out (or hazard a guess) where this one is!

35 Replies to “Street Art For Three Photography Challenges”

  1. A very colourful post, the little green dinosaur looks cute and I like the tiger tyres. Thanks for the link to my post – I’ve been to Manchester several times since then and that gable end wall now seems to be used for commercial purposes. A while ago it was advertising the latest Vauxhall car, now it’s a ‘scare yourself silly for Halloween’ Fanta ad.

    1. It’s shocking to imagine all that work being painted over, but you’ve given me some hope as a large advert has appeared in town that I am not fond of. I had assumed it was there until it weathered it off.

      1. It seems to be the trend now for some businesses with gable end walls to rent out those walls to other companies for advertising purposes, presumably for relatively short periods of time as the ads in Manchester seem to change quite frequently. Just round the corner from where the robin used to be was a wall full of pink unicorns advertising Prettylittlething, two weeks later it was advertising Red Bull, so on that basis maybe the advert you don’t like won’t last too long.

        1. I’d prefer something a bit cheerier. I can’t see it being such a prime advertising spot as Manchester’s Northern Quarter, but I can hope.

  2. What a great selection Susan. The oranges certainly pop! Love the robin. The marionette on the other hand is a little creepy, I don’t like puppets or clowns. Your last photo would be perfect for December, so maybe we’ll see it again. I am trying to work out where you were given the distances and directions and all I can come up with is Cuba!

  3. What spirited photos — in every way! My favorite is the robin, who appears quite magical to me, as though he’s been conjured from the sparkles behind him. But they are all lovely, and I think they meet the challenge you didn’t mention: the challenge to be cheerful in a hard time. You met it perfectly!

  4. wow so much creativity, and love how you have joined the trend of linking up with many. Like everyone else the Robin is catching my eye 🙂

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