Twelve Snippets from Prague

As real travel would neither be safe nor legal, I’m indulging in photo-travel by using Becky’s Squares Challenge (Up) as an excuse to revisit our brief trip to Prague in January two years ago.

Painted tree trunk with the John Lennon wall, Prague

1. (Layered up) Locals and visitors have been adding slogans, quotes, I-was-heres and drawings to The Lennon Wall since the singer’s death. The wall has always been controversial, so authorities and activists have often covered up the colours with  fresh layers of paint, to find it quickly filled with artwork and slogans again. It is now protected by new rules (no spraying) while cameras help enforce the theme of peace and love.

John of Nepomuk statue

2. (Looking up) A statue of St John of Nepomuk on Charles Bridge honours his bravery in protecting details of the Queen of Bohemia’s confession from the King, and consequently being hurled into the river in chains. Tourists are supposed to touch an image of him falling as a good luck charm.

Dog on a panel rubbed gold by tourists, Charles Bridge

But my reference is to the dog looking up at its master in one of the metal panels under the statue. It’s rubbed golden because people like stroking dogs, even though no myth is attached to it.

Rotating head of Franz Kafka by David Cerny

3. (Sliced up) Prague has many examples of David Cerny’s public art, including this revolving head of Franz Kafka. The slices move round in an abstract way until they come together to reveal the face.

Art Nouveau entrance to Smetana Hall, Prague

4. (Upscale) The Art Nouveau entrance to Smetana Hall, a concert venue, is so ornamental, it’s hard to focus on any one feature.

Sgraffito of biblical and mythological scenes, Prague

5. (Up on the wall) Prague’s Old Town buildings include examples of sgraffito, which is made by scratching away layers of coloured plaster to reveal a different coloured ground. This is the House Under A Minute, where Kafka lived as a child.

Gold fronted VJ Rott building in Prague

6. (Gussied up – with thanks to Margaret for reminding me of the word) Unesco have protected the gilded facade of the V.J. Rott building which is now occupied by the Hard Rock Cafe.

Beer family tree

7. (Sup up) We took our custom instead to a micro brewery. The beer family tree on the wall including my sweetheart’s favourite, Dark roses. I liked the way spaces had been left for new creations.

Dancing House Prague

8. (Propped up) Dancing House has been nicknamed Fred and Ginger. To me, it looks more like one building is propping the other up or has been captured in the aftermath of saving them from the tram.

Sigmund Freud hangs from a roof by David Cerny

9. (Hanging up) Another curiosity by David Cerny, Man Hanging Out represents Sigmund Freud hanging by one hand from a rooftop. A half full / half empty idea, we may see this as hopeful (he has not fallen) or despairing. I have never been overly keen on Freud, but I am sorry to see him dangling. Several people have tried to help the statue, mistaking it for a person in need.

Love locks on a bridge in Prague

10. (Loved up) This is the Čertovka love bridge in the Malá Strana district of Prague, near The Lennon Wall. It’s another controversial idea, as the combined weight of the locks can eventually cause structural problems.

Mushroom carving in Prague

11. (Sprouting up) I love to see ecclesiastical carvings of natural things. I think this is the only time I’ve seen a clump of mushrooms immortalised in stone. Very fine mushrooms, too.

Tiny balcony on the end of a house in Prague

12. (Covered up) My favourite balcony in Prague is very petite, with a slender, gently sweeping canopy of the style often found in the city.

Though I’m late to Becky’s party, I’ve made a decent stab at catching up. In looking back over my pictures, I’ve concluded that I’ve been nowhere that more richly repays looking up than does Prague, and nowhere half as decorative.

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  1. wow!! I am almost blown away by the number of different ups, and the glorious walk you have taken us on around Prague. This is such a fabulous post

      1. That was a coincidence. I started off aiming for six, then found just a few more, and a few more. It’s hard to fathom why I’ve not shared them before now. I must have been saving them up for a snowy day.

  2. Extraordinary! What amazing images, most of which scrambled my brain. This all takes the unexpected to a new high. I was glad to land finally on that little balcony with the graceful canopy over it. I can stand there and look over it all. This was wonderful travel — thank you!

    1. I had the impulse to share a different world from a different time. Prague is a heady mixture of ideas and imagery, some very old, some new, some of it decidedly edgy.

  3. I’ve long had Prague on my To Visit list, but now doubt if I ever will. Several friends have told us of the congested tourist sites, the need to be tough and pugilistic to get to the front anywhere: but your photos don’t give that impression at all. Mind you, crowds anywhere won’t be A Thing anytime soon.

    1. We were there in January and it was not particularly busy. I’d been hoping for snow, but probably it was better than we missed out on that. I would not have fancied climbing icy hills and there was a lot to see in a short time.

  4. These are fabulous, takes me right back to Prague, which I loved. It is a paradise for photographers. Love all your ups 🙃

  5. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been to Prague although I’ve wanted to visit for some years now. Always needing a few more weeks, or days, to fulfil my desires but one day ………
    Lovely post and I’m even more determined to get to Prague when this is all over. Thank you for the walkaround – it was entertaining and informative.

  6. Some beauties here, Susan! Love the dog looking up at the knight and that Kafka is amazing. Hard to photograph too, I imagine 🙂 🙂

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