Carved Rock Found on Moorland

Large, flat rock found on moorland with etched patterns

I’m sharing a puzzle with you today: a patterned rock we found a few years ago, somewhere in the North of England. Don’t ask me precisely where, because I’m not sure. It was one of many small treats you find on a moorland walk. If you tend to see things in patterns, there’s scope for the imagination in its ornate surface. 

For me, there is one baleful eye, with an unrelated, more amenable  Bleep-like character immediately above it (Bleep was the alien spaceman from planet Myron in Bleep and Booster).

Alien carved on rock

I’ve cut out the section here, but enlarging it does not help. To find the alien (roughly centre), look for an eye, then a crooked but generous smile, and two antennae above.

Setting aliens from outer space carved on rocks aside, isn’t it a wonderful piece of stone? My feet got in the way of the picture, but I’ll let myself off as they help convey the size of the rock.

There could be a natural reason for its beautiful surface – the remains of old sea plants, perhaps – or it may have been carved, long ago. My guess, until someone corrects me, is the latter.

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  1. Fascinating. I hope you’re going to be bombarded with info from academics telling you about pre-Christian runes and so forth. But like Linda, I see a grumpy old man..

  2. A very cool rock! I LOVE picking up rocks when I’m walking along the shores of Lake Michigan or Lake Superior. I can’t hardly not pick up rocks. This one would have caught my attention for sure.

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