Handpainted Metal Chair

Distressed textures | Painted outdoor chair and firewood

Lichen-encrusted kindling tones perfectly with the colour scheme of this Mississippi-style porch chair. To me, its bright, cheerful design looks just as good with the extra textures heaped on by weather’s rust and flaking.

Its owner hurried to brush away the wood when he learned I wanted to take its picture, but I thought it was perfect as it was.

Metal chair painted in many colours

You can see the whole chair in an uncropped shot. I sense it has seen some sunny, happy days, with many more to come.

There may be those who conjecture the branches were not set aside as kindling, but merely lifted from underfoot. To please them, I’ll add this as a counterpoint, taken in Lancashire. It has similar elements and colour notes, though the metal fire pit is all rust.

Branch with lichens cut for firewood

Today’s kindling is prompted by Becky’s KindaSquare.

33 Replies to “Handpainted Metal Chair”

  1. My first impression was, “Whoa, that is cool!” (Not the vision I had in mind at all when I read the title “Handpainted Metal Chair.”)
    The wood and leaves at the bottom are perfect accessories for this lady. ❤

  2. I have to think it’s the ultimate in hospitality when someone provides a chair for kindling. The paint mimics the lichens so well — or vice-versa — that it’s hard to think that this wasn’t deliberate. What a cagey artist.

    1. I wonder.

      I like the idea about the ultimate in hospitality. I wonder if the owner sometimes brings out a mint julep for the twigs. A mint julep would work well with the colour scheme.

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