Barcelona Bar, Ropeworks District, Liverpool

Barcelona Bar has a black and gold Gaudi theme

Though I lived in Liverpool as a student, I’m just a tourist these days, popping back to savour its distinct style.

In its latest iteration, Grand Central, a Grade II listed building in the Ropewalks District, has a Gaudi theme – black and gold on the outside with a Bazaar of eating places and bars within, including the colourful Barcelona Bar.

The colourful interior of Barcelona Bar Liverpool

We sneaked inside for a peep. It’s a little strange to be inside Barcelona Bar just after breakfast time when it is empty, calm, expectant. There’s an other-worldly, out-of-time feel as if daytime is not really its thing.

Barcelona Bar, Guy and Girl silhouettes

I still associate this area with antique and second hand shops, music venues, bookshops and independent record shops. While a lot has changed, such as this place, enough has stayed the same for me to feel at home in the city.

Some of the publicity material for Barcelona Bar claims it is world famous. I’m not sure about that – you tell me – but it’s just down the road from somewhere you might have heard about.

Barcelona Bar, Grand Central, Ropeworks, Liverpool

Walking up the hill from Grand Central, keeping the ruined cathedral on your right, you soon reach The Philharmonic which has a long history and recently featured in Carpool Karaoke.

If you have any love of The Beatles in general and Paul McCartney in particular, and missed seeing the episode, check it out on YouTube (search for Paul McCartney, Carpool Karaoke). It is joyful.

I don’t know how widely it’s available worldwide, but it’s worth a try. There are adverts in it, but you can skip them after a few seconds. You’ll find my favourite section from around 15 mins onwards. And yes, I do confess to spending a good few hours in The Philharmonic as a student.

Colourful portrait of John Lennon in a gold frame

I’ve been saving this post for Thursday Doors, but as I came to post my door picture, the first one, I started to wonder whether it is a real door or a fake one.  Regular readers may be thinking they have heard that before and to suspect I am suffering from a reality-doubting affliction.

I’m linking to Thursday Doors anyway as I took the pictures with Norm in mind, using the flimsy justification that there is a guaranteed real door at the back of the second shot. Anyone craving more doors can check out his post, which contains some beauties, and browse through the linked submissions.

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  1. I say even if it’s not a door it’s door. I keep looking and looking again at each image. “Out-of-time” describes this place perfectly. I think your time there in the past is still there. What fascinating places you take us to!

    1. I can’t remember it at all from when I was a student, although I walked up the street often. I do remember Otty’s Cafe, higher up, where they used to pour out already milked tea from a massive metal tea pot to go with the tinned tomatoes on toast that was student fare.

      1. Milked tea with tinned tomatoes on toast. I must think about that. Especially as student sustenance. I like the name Otty’s Cafe — that does sound like student fare! I couldn’t help contrasting your lively pictures with the Sweet Shop at Purdue back in the time of the Beatles. Different planets.

        1. The sweet shop is decidedly the same thing if online pictures are a guide. I thought the tinned tomatoes were a treat. One of the small ones, I’ll admit!

          The tea had milk already added in the massive teapot and when you asked for a mug of it, they would pick it up, swirl it to judge whether there was enough inside, and if not, put in more hot water, swirl again, then pour.

          1. Of course I had to look online to see what you were seeing. Good gracious! That is nothing — but NOTHING — like the sweet shop of the 60s! Of course the 60s were a little while ago.
            That tea and milk technique is hilarious.

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