Spring Tree Canopies, Sunnyhurst Wood

Tree canopy with leaves that look bronze backlighted

When people are indoors, nature seems more in the spotlight and its imperturbability strikes me as a superpower.

Have daffodils always been this yellow and crocuses so purple? I pay attention, but it feels like I barely noticed before. Now it’s the turn of the deciduous trees.

Early Spring is more bashful than Autumn, which has a been there, seen that element to its glory. No doubt Autumn’s confidence gets it all the best press for colourful foliage, even though the first leaves of Spring are just as good a treat.

Sycamore tree canopy with bright green leaves

Spring’s leaves are tender and downy, easily made translucent by the sun. This is a sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus).

The wind was brisk when I snapped these pictures, aware that no matter where I focussed, most leaves would be out of focus. I hardly dared think they would turn out shareable, but I wanted to share the experience and the brightness, especially with those who love nature, but can’t so easily get out into it.

Spring beech tree canopy with golden leaves

In token of Earth Day.  Sunnyhurst Wood is an Edwardian Park in my home town, Darwen. 

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