Sesame Street Toys

Kermit, Elmo, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch toys on a patterned chair

HeyJude is asking to see pattern used as a background in this week’s 2020 Photo Challenge. She adds:

Don’t have your subject too large in the frame or it will detract from the pattern. And consider whether the patterned background adds or takes away the impact of the subject.

The pattern reflects the zaniness of the characters. It’s bright and bold, but could we imagine Sesame Street any other way?

I did have a slight problem in that I ran out of chair in the top right, which meant removing part of Oscar The Grouch’s arm. Cropping tighter to the top of his dustbin hat and creating a landscape shot, would prevent the pattern stopping within the frame, and make it more abstract, but having a little extra pattern top and bottom works best for me.

We happened upon these Sesame Street toys waiting to greet visitors on an upholstered chair at The Birthplace of Kermit the Frog Museum in Leland, Mississippi.

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  1. Whoa! Instant wake-up! What my coffee wasn’t doing well this image did! And what a great way to summarize everything Sesame Street was about. I love the emphasis on the background. And I also loved learning about where Kermit grew up. Thanks!

  2. Lovely, this takes me back, and those vibrant colours are perfect. Luckily you included the last sentence, because I was half thinking this was your own home decor. LOL

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