January Squares: Butterfly Alights

Butterfly on a hydrangea

A gently fading hydrangea provides food and temporary cover for a butterfly which is camouflaged against it. Butterflies give themselves away by fluttering, which is no doubt what drew me to this one.

I’m sharing this for Becky’s January Squares – my word is alight. Her submission today is a wonderful twilight – don’t miss it!

35 Replies to “January Squares: Butterfly Alights”

      1. ooh now that’s a thought. I do have two ideas I am pondering on for the next quarter, so will add this one to the mix 😀

  1. My comment wouldn’t go through a couple hours ago. I harrumphed but am back to try again. I think what I was trying to say was that it was hard to tell if the flower was wearing the butterfly or the butterfly wearing the flower. Even the veins in the older petals seem to mimic the veins in the wings. Who knew that “alight” had so many dimensions? Brilliant!

    1. Our first female Supreme Court Judge, Lady Hale, who has just retired, is famous for her insect brooches – your comment somehow reminded me of her. I can imagine the butterfly wearing the flower might prove an inconvenience – one of those good ideas that might not catch on.

      1. I think I’ve read about her and her brooches! I fear you have put an image in my head of the poor butterfly galumphing along, weighed down by the hydrangea corsage. The butterfly would not find it amusing. But I do.

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