Traditional Door at Howick Hall

Traditional door with light and ornate knocker at Howick Hall

I loved the muted colours and overall mood of this traditional entrance at Howick Hall. The door furniture has the lovely patina of age and use, but seems almost dwarfed by its setting, helping to give a sense of the scale of the doorway.

Door knocker held in the mouth of a lion

A close up of the lion motif door knocker highlights its steady gaze: we sense it is there to protect as well as to embellish.

I wrote an earlier post about Howick’s sensory garden here, but saved these to share for Norm’s Thursday Doors.

30 Replies to “Traditional Door at Howick Hall”

  1. Ditto gardeninacity! I could easily see this lionhead morphing into Marley! The look seems to say “You sure you want to come in here?” But the whole of it belies that look — what a dignified welcome! I love the curlicues framing the lantern, and are those numbers I see among them? What is the round thing on the right? Is that where some voice would be heard asking “Who goes there?”

    1. A dignified welcome, indeed, unless the lion does magically become real. The numbers say 1*28, for sure, with, I’d guess, a 9 to make it 1928. I believe the round thing on the far right is a doorbell.

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