Turton Tower, Lancashire

Turton Tower in Lancashire

This classic example of Tudor-style black and white timber and plaster designs seemed a good choice for Becky’s October Squares as this month’s theme is Lines&Squares.


Turton Tower,
Chapeltown Road,

To see more, check out the website: turtontower.co.uk

18 Replies to “Turton Tower, Lancashire”

    1. It’s funny to see how different generations added something else on, not necessarily in the same style. I like the Dutch gable as much as the black and white part, but I’m sure it would not have occurred to me.

  1. Lines and squares indeed! I followed the link to the Turton Tower website and was stopped cold in my reading where it said that someone had used this as a “weekend retreat.” Very hard to wrap my brain around that. Apparently I’m not doing my weekends properly at all. It certainly is a beauty!

    1. I haven’t been inside, so far as I can remember. Outside there is a bluebell wood (in season, an ordinary wood at other times), and a quite extensive community garden.

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