29 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Bee”

  1. I love the positions of the petals! It looks almost dance-like, the way they seem to wave and bend. As though they celebrate the bee. A wonderful photo!

    1. The echinacea was looking wonderful. I took quite a few pictures of plant combinations featuring it. I might share a few more another day.

  2. I keep seeing the white-tailed bees but not red-tailed this year. Why is that? A lovely photo Susan, I think you already know my love of bees 🙂

    1. There must be a reason, but I couldn’t say what it is. They are both supposed to be widespread here, aren’t they? I’m even fond of bees after one stung me, though it took a decade or so to get over being pecked by a cockerel. In fairness to the cockerel, I was young and my finger probably looked like a worm.

  3. Furry little critters, aren’t they! Some of them are not so little, however. The ones around my daughter’s house in Maryland were about the size of two marbles side-by-side. Great picture!

    1. There was a massive one on a flower near this one that was so still, I thought it was dead. My sweetheart told me it was just sleeping.

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