17 Replies to “The Only Magic I Still Believe…”

  1. There’s still a lot of magic in the world. Love is one of the best forms of magic.

    1. I don’t suppose the tooth fairy will be leaving anything under my pillow after this… not that I am hoping to lose any teeth anytime soon.

      1. Laurie had a tooth pulled yesterday. Najar caught a mouse and offered it to Laurie this morning. Was Najar being a kitty version of the tooth fairy? We still have to watch out for monsters under the bed, as well.

        1. Must have been. My sister used to have a knitted policeman to help guard her from the monsters under the bed… in her case, crustacean monsters.

          1. The monster that reaches out from under the bed and grabs my bare feel has sharp claws. Ouch! Spunk and Marble will not walk by the bed without checking for monsters, and sometimes Spunk takes I flying leap over the end of the bed, and lands on my stomach (about knocks the breath out of me), to avoid the chance of being grabbed by monsters while walking beside the bed.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I clicked on some of those links and found some gorgeous blue squares filled with snow — that too was magic! And on a day like today particularly powerful magic!

    1. Becky picked a good cool theme for July to help strengthen our mind over matter in today’s European heatwave. I don’t know if it will last long enough to officially count as a heatwave, but it will be long enough for me.

      1. We know about heat waves here, so I can send both sympathy and empathy. Ours was brutal, and it seems yours is too. It’s scary heat.

        1. Thank you. I’m a bit of a wimp once it gets past 75 degrees, though I try not to let it show. I suppose, looking on the bright side, your heatwave ripened that tomato.

    1. The whole place is extraordinary – a huge wall of artwork layered on top of each other and you clamber up to inspect it all… I don’t suppose you have seen it? Austin is one of my favourite US cities.

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