Ragtag Challenge: Air

Street entertainer balances on a pole watched by an audience

I ought to warn you that I intend to approach this challenge in a free and easy fashion, anticipating that my blogging buddy, Margaret, who set it, won’t mind in the least. So this street entertainer may have had a little help to get himself up in the air…

Tree with twelve cormorants on it

… and these birds certainly have, but I’m contending they are mainly in the air, setting aside their feet.

People helping each other up a giant slinky high up over a building

These climbers are having fun (depending on how you define fun) at the City Museum, St Louis. While not, strictly speaking, up in the air, I don’t mind betting they feel a little exposed.

People sitting, socialising in a bar

It looks as if I was floating in the air when I took this picture of revellers enjoying a drink and live music in a bar during the Edinburgh Fringe.

Yellow side table, blue lamp and artwork on the outside of a wall

And this wall art I’m claiming as being up in the air in New Orleans was actually attached to the (wrong side) of a wall… assuming a wall can have a right and a wrong side, which brings me to:

Child's writing on a museum response card

… a child’s visitor feedback form at The Mississippi Museum of Art, which reads:

Today at MMA, I learned that all art work does some cind of soming

(plus the endorsement ‘yes it does’). I love this one. All artwork does some kind of something perfectly explains modern art for me and, surely might assist anyone who has ever been puzzled by anything they have seen in an art gallery. I think I’m right in reading a sense of vagueness and mystification in Ella’s mind that suggests a proper appreciation of the mysteries of modern art. A pithy replacement for many a lengthy book written on the subject, by an author who is feeling just a little up in the air.

Hazy view of a meandering river from the air

Finally, for those who think I have been stretching the prompt, a shot taken from the air.

Shared for the Ragtag prompt: Air.

19 Replies to “Ragtag Challenge: Air”

  1. Unless there were some really air tight rules, these may qualify for the challenge, but I’m not sure; I’m kind of up in the air about that.

  2. My granddaughter once mused, when we were out and about, “Grandma, did you ever notice that art is everywhere?” Yes, my love, it sure is. And Chloe has turned out to be an amazing artist. Ella will too, I’ll bet.

  3. If this post doesn’t describe life in general, then nothing does! Up in the air? Ragtag? Full of some cind of somings? Exactly! This is exactly what I needed this morning — thank you!

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