Bold Venture Park In Winter

War memorial topped by an angel with trees in the background

My home town, Darwen, has several Victorian parks, including Bold Venture Park. At the entrance, an angel, now nearly 100 years old, holds up a wreath and an olive branch to remind us of the consequences of war and to commemorate those who fell in WW1. The angel’s wings are the first things you see when approaching from the town.

Looking out over a snow-covered park towards the war memorial

Bold Venture is a hillside park with an interesting topography, built around quarries and steep ravines. A small lake, home to ducks, is another visual magnet. The lake rarely freezes right over, but was cold enough to support a band of ice, covered in snow in places.

View of a frosted lake surrounded by snow covered trees

The park has a children’s playground and a smattering of decorative plants, including Pampas grass, but is mainly trees and large shrubs such as rhododendrons.

Tall grass with a covering of snow

The paths, steep in places at any time, can be treacherous on a frosty winter’s day, but we met several people braving the weather to exercise dogs (or themselves).

View down through trees in a snowy park to a bridge

Bold Venture Park is dissected by a road and I much prefer the lower half. The upper half is too steep for my pleasure and too closed in for rapture, although there are little surprises in the form of artwork for those who press on. I usually turn left after the first half and walk around the second, up a dirt road (technically, a continuation of Belgrave Road) that leads towards Darwen moor with its Jubilee tower. Yes, that’s a steep climb too, but it gets easier the more you do it, and being out in the natural world has its consolations. Moss. Grass. Brambles. Bracken. That sort of thing.

Bramble hanging down, its leaves covered in frost

I’m also adding a picture of cemetery rose buds in the snow. Another place, another time, but so atmospheric and wintry that I couldn’t resist slipping it in.

Pointed orange rose buds in snow covered cemetery

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  1. As ever, wonderful photos. But no frost just across the Pennines? This was the first frost-free morning in several days. But we’ll be back on track next week, apparently.

    1. All’s clear at the moment, assuming you don’t count the rain! I’m hoping for no frost in the morning – I have an early start.

  2. Beautiful description and pictures. Somehow reminded of the Famous Five stories of my childhood and the places they visited on their various adventures.
    I wished we could see the curious couple who asked “what they might be missing”.

  3. Great photos, I love the rose buds. Bold Venture Park is on my list for this year but I haven’t a clue yet where it is or where to park though no doubt Google maps will show me 🙂

    1. It’s not a large park and rarely busy, so you can park on the road outside. Another local park I like is Sunnyhurst Wood. Either of them will lead you up towards moorland and Darwen Tower.

      1. Thanks, it’s good to know I can park outside Bold Venture Park. I’ve been to Sunnyhurst Wood many times, got some good photos there at the end of last October – my aim for this summer is to walk from there up to the tower 🙂

  4. I am speechless! Well, almost. Rosebuds in snow?? It is magical how the buds seem detached from the background; of course the unexpectedness of it makes it magical too. What a wonderful image! But I love that top one too: the touch of snow on the trees seems to give them a bit of a lowering, a kind of homage to the angel. Somber and elegant to my eyes. A very good start to my day — thank you!

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