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      1. Well, I suppose I got myself into another fine mess.
        I am no expert on roses, otherwise I would not miss seeing anyone else writing about them. But you know, the least I could do is get some good pictures of them when they come into bloom.

    1. I have in past but only in context of how they are typically more difficult to deal with unless grown in PERFECT conditions…hah…and as a grafted rose they have a shorter life span. They are also more susceptible to disease and blackspot. I have always preferred growing and writing about old garden roses. See site: Antique Rose Emporium. Note: For over 10 years I have tested both in growing and 99% of time the old roses out performed hybrids and still thriving after hybrids have died.i could go on but not proper place to do so.

      1. Someone else suggested that I write about hybrid tea roses because I like them so much. However, I do not know much about them. I happen to be in a region that really is PERFECT for them. The problem is that people who live here are not very interested in gardening, and are certainly not interested in something that takes so much work. Roses almost never get pruned as they should. All these modern carpet roses that I dislike so are so much easier to grow, even though they are not maintained properly either.

  1. Cheered me up looking at these. I can almost smell them. It certainly makes one think of summer.

  2. I adore David Austin and old English roses…sadly there are very few available where I live in Gloucester, Virginia. I had and grew many while living in Texas. When I have ordered them the shipping ends up being more than the cost of roses.
    I end up enjoying their beauty, less fragrance, by reading various books and blogs. Your photos are lovely!

  3. Lovely Roses Su! I had A Shropshire Lad in my last garden and it’s a real beauty. But The Lark Ascending really caught my eye too. Sadly, with the 60+ roses I have in my garden, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more, but I love seeing good ones. Your photos are very lovely. K

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