Bottle Trees With Festive Lights

Cedar bottle tree at night lit up with strings of colourful lights

I wish you a very happy Christmas Eve (or Christmas Day, or Boxing Day, or all three, depending on where you are and when you happen to see this). Thanks for calling in at this special time.

I hope you’ll find some hours of peace and contentment over the holidays, whatever your beliefs may be. 

Bottle tree at night with red and green lights

My choice of pictures is a little alternative – I did consider some nice poinsettia shots before settling on the bottle trees. If you’re more of a poinsettia lady/gentleman, just close your eyes and imagine I chose them instead!

Lots of love and wishing you everything you hope for,


32 thoughts on “Bottle Trees With Festive Lights

  1. donna Jean berg says:

    Beautiful! I have two bottle trees, one with all cobalt bottles has white fairy lights through it. For spring and summer I put different colored lights on it and leave the white fairy lights. Wonderland for me.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog.
    donna berg

  2. janesmudgeegarden says:

    The bottle trees are colourful and very appropriate, in my view. Sending you warm Christmas wishes from Australia, Jane.

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