9 Replies to “Graffiti: Beauty Abounds”

  1. Graffiti is a topic sometimes discussed by our local hate groups who think that they are community advocates. I really dislike graffiti where I can see it or where it is inappropriate. Yet, some point out that some responsible graffiti artists compose their artwork on building just before the buildings get torn down, or on the undersides of bridges where it is only visible to the art enthusiasts who seek it out. Compared to some of the expensive garbage that I see in some of the local art studios, some of the graffiti is worth seeking out.
    Someone even mentioned that the paint is actually beneficial to the preservation of the affected infrastructure.

    1. This was taken at the Hope Outdoor Gallery, a community paint park in Austin, Texas, designated for street artists, muralists and educational groups. We were there for Mothers Day and found it inspirational.

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