Snow-covered Fondren, Jackson, Mississippi, Looking Extra Funky

Pink birdhouse with a covering of snow
Suzie Cranston’s birdhouse garden looks magical in the snow
An outdoor dining area in the snow
Not the day to dine outside at Walker’s Drive-in
Logs burning in a fire pit in a snowy landscape
Burning logs in the fire pit makes the garden feel cosy, despite the snow

Crape myrtle tree branches, shown against a house
Colourful Autumn crape myrtle leaves are extra lovely, draped in snow
A horse trough with plants, covered in snow, with art glass
Art glass by Andrew Young decorates a veggie garden in a horse trough planter
Three bottle trees covered in snow
Tall, cedar snag bottle tree with smaller companions under snow blankets
Ginkgo tree with golden leaves in a snowy garden
Ginkgo tree with its golden leaves still climbing on, despite the snow

32 Replies to “Snow-covered Fondren, Jackson, Mississippi, Looking Extra Funky”

  1. What glory! I especially love that tidy, cozy-looking white house as seen through the snow-drooped crape myrtle — with white picket fence, no less! You certainly made snow the medium; these are wonderful images.

    1. It was a day to cast off the trappings of adulthood and just celebrate the bounty given us – and we took full advantage. I suppose knowing it is a rarity there helps everyone celebrate it more wholeheartedly.

        1. Now imagine the snow as a rarity + clear streets that aren’t particularly icy + the certain knowledge that it will all be gone the next day…

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