16 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Burgundy Leaves, Backlit”

  1. Lovely colors. It can be difficult to capture the nuances of leaves, depending on the camera used. But you’ve done a great job! Nature puts on a show every day, if one only SEES it.

    1. It’s a form of burgundy-leaved redbud rather than a green one in autumn colours. The dappled sunlight was making some of the leaves appear bright red.

    1. It’s weird how much lighting affects colour. If you are choosing paint for a room and paint a patch on the wall to see if you like it, it’s wise to check you still like it in the evening as well as in the morning.

  2. Wordless indeed! There is so much to see in these that my eyes are fumbling about, trying to take it all in. What wonders. I especially love the way those little white berries are photobombing the leaves. These are gorgeous images — thank you!

    1. Photobombing is quite right. Someone ought to invent a spurious plant filter camera setting. The main subject made a dazzling sight – certainly not a plant to shirk the limelight.

    1. You often have to reply on conversation being prompted by Wordless Wednesday pictures – otherwise they can be more like ‘What can it be on Wednesday?’.

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