A Good Match: Courgette Flaunting in a Post-Truth World

I’ve read several articles where people complain about social media types like us (WordPress does count as social, doesn’t it?) flaunting our riches.

You know, bragging about our crazy lifestyles, celebrity friends and expensive belongings. Everyone I read mainly does that.*

So, in light of the Europe-wide, 2017 courgette (zucchini) shortage, take a look at this:

Pizza with grilled peppers and courgettes

I challenge anyone to come up with a more decadent pizza topping. Before you judge me, remember it isn’t bragging if it’s true. 

Sadly, try as I might, I can’t keep up the lies and deception. I’ll confess. This is one of those newfangled post-truths. I post-truthed it. (Just testing the boundaries of this new word of ours).

I had this pizza last summer. No need to get all bitter and twisted. I’m as courgetteless as the rest of the nation.**

One unassailable fact is that the toppings are a good match for each other. I’m not too sure about the name of the pizza though – ‘Bubbling Inferno’. ***

Please don’t share this on Facebook, however tempting it might be. I don’t want to be named and shamed as one of those fake news outlets.


* Only joking – tee hee!
** Which turns out not to be quite as courgetteless as the news suggests.
*** OK, OK, I made that bit up too. I think it was called ‘Peppers and Courgette Pizza’.

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  1. You’re too funny, Susan. I got a kick out of this post! And I’m looking forward to growing lots of zucchini this year! I’ll have to check out your pizza.

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