Thursday Doors: Saint Claude Social Club, New Orleans

Floral doorway of Saint Claude Social Club, New Orleans

I’ve often seen Thursday Doors posts in my Reader, but this is my first submission: the floral doorway of a woman’s clothes shop. You wouldn’t expect me to walk past this without taking a picture, would you? 

The quirky shop façade sets the tone for what you’ll find inside. Saint Claude Social Club sources vintage clothing and a range of accessories, showcasing artists around the world. If you’re curious to find out more, the street address is 1933 Sophie Wright Place, New Orleans, Louisiana or you can check out Saint Claude Social Club on Facebook.

Thursday Doors is a fun challenge,  but in this week’s thoughtfully written post, Norm commemorates the people who lost their lives or have been affected by the recent terrorist attack in his country. He’s suggesting that we share some of the beauty in this world in response to the ugliness. 

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    1. I looked to see if there are lots more pictures online, as I thought the same, but it looks like the artwork may be a fairly recent addition.

  1. This is exciting. I’ve been following a blogger with amazing doors and have been awed by her eye for form and color. Now I will have your eye too! I can’t wait to see how many more doors you can wed to botany.

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