12 Replies to “Seattle Graffiti: Chaos or Art?”

    1. I love places that have a community knack of blending traditional architecture and design elements with contemporary ones. One patch of graffiti really doesn’t do it – you need artists and creatives living and working in a place to create a balance.

    1. It’s an education for me watching you hone the things you create, so I do understand where you’re coming from.

      I’m fairly relaxed on ideas of ‘is this art?’ and in most cases would go along with ‘if you say so’ as an answer, though that doesn’t mean I have to like it. For me, the third one would seem perfectly at home in almost any gallery I’ve visited.

      I liked the community feel and could have lingered longer. It’s on a long expanse of plywood that screens off a commercial area from a leisure area that would otherwise overlook it. There are small viewing holes cut in it, framed like pictures.

  1. In this matter, I am very avant-garde: my desk has long been the epicenter of creative chaos. Some would say just chaos, but they don’t have the artist’s eye.

  2. My sweetheart would agree. Creativity has its own rules. I don’t like chaos, as I define the word, so my pictures this week are a bit of a fudge.

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