Weekly Photo Challenge: Fruit and Veggies

Pike Place Market

The weekly photo challenge asks for numbers. When I started to frame the picture, I thought the price tags might be a distraction, but they turned out to be just what I needed. And they’re quite decorative too, in their way.

Taken in Pike Place Market, Seattle.

18 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fruit and Veggies”

  1. I agree with you! The white is cool against the colors of the fruits and veg

    1. I’ll remember the specialist food shops on the edge of the market. I often think the value of any take away food shop can be judged by the length of the queue – if that’s true there must be some marvelous places here. We weren’t there long enough to sample them all, sadly!

    1. I have another picture of some giant peaches and I keep wondering to myself why on earth I didn’t buy one and eat it on the spot. Sometimes having a camera in your hands can be a distraction!

  2. Looking great and not one greengrocer’s apostrophe! I am intrigued by the garlic spears, I’ ve never seen them before.

  3. Better than a box of new crayons! What amazing color! Not to mention vitamins hopping all over the place. My thanks to Chloris for her sharp-eyed observation about the apostrophes — a good laugh there. Also it was good to know that someone else didn’t know about garlic spears. Inspiring photo!

  4. Oh, I loved Pike Market. It’s many years since I’ve been there, but it was so vibrant and colourful in every way. The standard by which all markets might be judged!

    1. It would be wonderful if everyone lived near one like this. We’re still finishing off some tasty dried cherries and crystalized gingers we got while we were there.

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