Abandoned Caboose

Red caboose

I liked the way sunlight was casting sharp shadows on the distressed textures of this abandoned red caboose on a railway that once brought life to towns on the banks of the Mississippi river.

Abandoned Caboose Door

The weather had turned artist, flaking off the red paint on the wooden door and metal sills to reveal patches of orange, gunmetal and terracotta. I’d not like to guess when this carriage would have been in its prime – it’s probably less old than I’d imagine.

Old caboose

I like railways: they’re reflective places, forcing us to take a passive role. I’m just sorry that so many of America’s railroads have fallen silent.

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  1. Love the photo of the blistered door.
    I, too, wish America hadn’t let the internal combustion engine take over. Europe and many other countries still have marvelous rail systems.

    1. It’s nice to have options when you’re travelling. I remember visiting Portland and being impressed by their transport system. They had trams, I think, rather than trains.

  2. Trains represent a “romantic” era to me. Sorry they are in demise across our great USA. I’d love to take a train trip up through Canada. I don’t have many travel dreams. This is it.

  3. Many of the lines in France are abandoned as well – every small town around here has a disused railway station. Some are really rather lovely old buildings and do find another use. The flakey paint in your picture is wonderful.

    1. We’re not immune to station or even line closures in England either. Our regional line has just been upgraded, so we’re very fortunate.

  4. Wonderful photos, especially the door. As for trains, bring ’em back, I say!

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