Morris Dancers at the Saddleworth Rushcart

Morris Dancers

My sweetheart and I love going to the annual Saddleworth Rushcart to watch the morris dancers. It’s very British: a happy day, where old traditions are celebrated – colourful, good-humoured fun, with just enough of an element of ‘why would they do this?’ to keep the crowd wondering.

Did I mention they drag a massive cart of rushes up a lengthy hill before the dancing starts?

I always enjoy watching the faces of the dancers – some seem to be feeling pure happiness; others are concentrating hard, or lost in the flow. It surely can’t be easy wearing those heavy floral hats!

These dancers have reminded me that it’s International Happiness Day tomorrow. If you didn’t catch last year’s post full of happiness quotes and resources, you can see it here. And have a very happy day, wherever you are!

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    1. I’m still a bit shy about taking pictures of people – you don’t have to ask flowers – but these are great groups of people. You can see their camaraderie, confidence and sense of fun.

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