14 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Helleborus Foetidus”

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for helping me name it! I have several plants around the grounds trying to live their lives in an indiscriminate dog world. Now I can try and maybe find them more secureh homes!

    1. They do get a bit of a bad press for their toxicity and smell. H. foetidus isn’t one of those hellebores that readily divide. I’m not sure whether you could move them or not. They do seed readily, so if you can find seedlings nearby you could perhaps give one of those a try.

      1. Thank you! Our garden is very,..ahem…, improvisational. So your suggestion is encouraging. I am still very pleased to know their name, and will try to keep the toxicity and smell (which I hadn’t noticed, yet!) in balance with their beauty and evident longing to be in my garden!

        1. I often see them and have got fairly close to take pictures, but I’ve never noticed any scent so I checked that bit out. It appears you have to crush the leaves to release the smell.

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