February: Monochrome | Roses With Many Petals

I’m fascinated by many petalled roses so I’m indulging myself by sharing these square crops of their floral hearts for HeyJude’s February Challenge: Monochrome.

I think the first one is my favourite – the colours are so dreamy. Jude quotes the line ‘Earth laughs in flowers’ which surely makes each unfurling petal a giggle… or at least a perceptible relaxing of the lips.

Together they make a cheerful colour palette, but individually, each flower fits the brief:

…black and white or tones of one colour. Look for texture, shape and patternsThe subject matter is entirely up to you, but should be loosely garden related.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, I hope the roses will bring memories of summer. And if summer’s in full swing where you are, promise me you’ll make your way out into a garden as soon as you can so you can get up close and personal with some kind of flower.


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