Winter Solstice – The Shortest Day

Sun rises at Stonehenge

Stonehenge was positioned on a site-line that points to sunset on the winter solstice to celebrate the shortest day and longest night. I suppose that makes it the world’s largest clock.  

The winter solstice has long been a symbol of new beginnings. After this, the days gradually lengthen until the summer solstice, when the cycle moves into reverse.

My entry for this week’s photo challenge: time shows photographers jostling to capture sunrise on the winter solstice. It’s a modern way of celebrating an ancient tradition.

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  1. Summer solstice in Oz 21 December… have a look, The Sun rises out of Eerwah and nobody knows. When I was a young man, a long long time ago I stayed on a mates farm in Pewsey! his fathers farm took in Stonehenge, he had wheat planted all around it. We played games around the stones climbing all over them. It’s the same with Eerwah, you must have a look, tell me what u think

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