Gallery of English Roses: pinks

Rosa Princess Alexandra of Kent

Rosa ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’  

Rosa Boscobel

Rosa ‘Boscobel’

Rosa The Ancient Mariner

Rosa ‘The Ancient Mariner’ is a new one, just released this year

Rosa Lavender Lassie

Lavender Lassie (by a German breeder, Kordes, so technically not an English Rose).

Rosa Wisley 2008

Rosa ‘Wisley 2008’

Rosa Hyde Hall

Rosa ‘Hyde Hall’

Pink roses in sunlight

A mystery rose, its petals catching the sunlight.

Pink roses

I don’t know the name of this one with pretty, frilled petals either.

Rosa Scepter'd Isle

Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’

A tumble of roses

I think this is also Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’ – the flowers tend to open up as they age

Spirit of Freedom roses

Rosa ‘Spirit of Freedom’ (I didn’t get the light quite right, but love the folded petals)

Rosa Spirit of Freedom

Another shot of ‘Spirit of Freedom’, this time as a youngish flower

Princess Alexandra of Kent rose

Rosa ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’

I’m sharing this collection of pictures in response to this week’s photo challenge: Happy Place. I’m sure I’ve confessed before that I’m not all that successful at growing roses, but I’m as blithe as a pig in clover any time I’m in a rose garden full of flowers with a camera in my hands.

This is number three in a mini series of this year’s rose photos. If you loved roses and missed the earlier ones, you’ll find the yellow ones here and the apricot and orange ones here. Any guesses on the mystery roses are always welcome!

And if you’ve not taken part in the challenge before, I highly recommend it:  this week’s topic would be a great one to start off with.

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      1. I moved it to a sunnier spot, fertilized it, pruned it, and zip. I don’t even knew what color it is, since it was here when I moved in, and nada in 12 years. At least the canes are getting longer each summer. But not even one measly bud! At my old house I had this dark red one that would bloom all summer. Wish I had brought it with me.

    1. I wondered if you would have any! When the roses are identified, I usually remember to take a shot of the label, unless excitement carries me away, but in most gardens, they’re not.

      1. Jackie is labelling those we plant. Only one we inherited has she identified. It is Compassion. I’m pleased you have noticed my little game with you collections

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