Garden Art: David Harber’s ‘The Mantle’


I caught a bit of stick about the rusty found art I shared earlier this week, so I thought I’d go to the other extreme: a verdigris bronze sphere I’ve seen and admired at shows and exhibitions that is embellished with gold leaf. As it says on the artist David Harber’s website:

…the gold leaf constantly shimmers and glows, flooding the centre of the piece with light – soft and subtle light when the sky is overcast; bright and intense when the sun’s rays hit the piece.

This design, ‘The Mantle’, seems easy to place and I’d guess it’s more portable than some of the artist’s  weightier spheres. Bronze petals welded together represent the Earth’s crust; the gold leaf, the Earth’s molten core. I’ve seen it displayed on a formal lawn and a terrace, but I prefer it in and around airy, drifting flowers like these.


It’s never easy to put your finger on just what it is that makes a piece of garden art attractive. It’s clear I’m open to a fairly wide range of ideas and materials.

If you’re interested in garden sculpture or want to narrow down your style, take a look at this UK site which lists many sculptors and has links to their sites. Have fun!


10 Replies to “Garden Art: David Harber’s ‘The Mantle’”

  1. That is stunning – would love it in my garden but suspect I can’t afford it! Will check out your link.

  2. heh heh, I like this one of course, but my budget runs closer to the washing machine! -and that would be the untouched, pre-fountain washing machine 🙂
    You’re right though that art is such a personal thing. I love a bunch of goodies but then when it comes to letting things into my own garden I get a bit picky and crabby… although you wouldn’t guess it if you saw the range of litter I have laying around!

  3. Such wonderful shots. The gold leaf interior is a very clever idea I think. Absolutely beautiful flower photography. Your composition is always inspiring. Hope you have a wonderful week! TJ

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