English roses: my photographic muse

Anne Boleyn i

Working with roses spurred me on to learn how to take better pictures & they still exert a fascination over me. I’m confident they will always be my muse, in the strictest sense. 

These days roses are not so abundant: I’ve become a card-carrying rose stalker whose head spins round whenever she passes a beautiful rose at its peak of flower (scary but true).

Geoff Hamilton ii

I’ve often observed that some roses are more photogenic than others. These contrasting pink ones, Anne Boleyn (top) and Geoff Hamilton, would not be my choice of varieties to grow (both are only lightly fragrant) but they’re in my top ten to photograph. The camera seems to me to find them even more alluring than the eye.

Posted in response to this week’s photo challenge: muse

15 thoughts on “English roses: my photographic muse

    • susurrus says:

      I usually make time to smell them too! I think it’s the soft colours and all the petals that attract me visually – I look for flowers where the petals make attractive patterns, which is why I often have different shots of the same cluster of blooms.


  1. 1966colin says:

    Lovely photos. My problem when taking pictures of flowers is that the breeze always blows them at the wrong moment. I’m sure it’s because I don’t have the patience but any tips?


  2. susurrus says:

    I wrote a series of tips in my early days of blogging (take better pictures of roses) – you’ll find them in the search bar or by clicking on the category.

    But to answer your question, I know exactly what you mean. The only option is to wait till the wind drops a little, take a good few shots and be prepared to discard lots of blurred ones! English roses can be tricky – their weight gives them momentum, so sometimes they seem to bounce on their stems like excited puppies.


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