Weird Image Wednesday: pitchfork bottle tree

Pitchfork bottle tree

There are many community events on WordPress – some established, others being added all the time. Events can be fun, inspiring, thought-provoking or scary – they almost always prompt you to do something slightly out of your comfort zone.

Did you realise there’s a directory of them on the Daily Post where you can search by event type and apply to list your own?

I’m sharing my picture of this smiling bottle tree from the bottle tree farm on Route 66 – made with a (decidedly) upcycled pitchfork – to take part in one of the newest events, Weird Image Wednesday, hosted by my Blogging101 buddy, Karl of Learning to Paint.

To join in the event, raid your photo library and, to quote Karl:

‘share something unusual, fun, quirky, silly, outrageous, incongruous in the middle of the week to make people smile, distract them from their cares for a moment or just shake things up a little’.

Go on, you know you want to!

And while you’re here, let me know what you think of this style of garden art. Do you love its spontaneity or detest it? Even if you would hate to have it peeping out above the flowers in your own garden, don’t you agree there’s something about this particular bottle tree that makes you want to smile?

Happy Wednesday!

15 Replies to “Weird Image Wednesday: pitchfork bottle tree”

    1. I’ve been trying to think what my quirkiest item is and I can’t. Perhaps I should resolve to be more quirky (distant cries of ‘No…no!’).

  1. For me, whether this style works or not depends on the overall aesthetic of the garden. Depending on what the garden looks like it could be totally out of place or just the thing. Taken on it’s own, I think it looks pretty cool – thanks for participating!

  2. I never realised there was a directory of community events. Thanks for that! I’ll put on my favourites tab. I like the bottle tree. Himself would call it junk and pull it up. Hey ho.

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